Prescription Policy

Mindful Care Has A Commitment To Prescribing Medications Safely.

Mindful Care has a commitment to prescribing medications safely. We do not prescribe any controlled substances, habit-forming medications, or long-acting injectables, with the exception of buprenorphine for those receiving services from Mindful Recovery. We do offer safer alternatives that can be reviewed at your visit.

We do prescribe most other medications, including anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications, and mood stabilizers. We are here to help patients in need of care and will help you find alternative medications.

All patients requesting DEA Schedule II, III and IV drugs will be referenced through the NY Prescription Monitoring Program.

If you are specifically seeking controlled medications, please call our office prior to your visit to discuss treatment options.


DEA Schedule II, III and IV Drugs

NY Prescription Monitoring Program