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We're thrilled to offer top partnerships with phenomenal schools, online health platforms, urgent care centers, and cutting edge technology companies.

Grand Island Central School

Grand Island is located in the Niagara River and is one of the world's largest freshwater islands. The island is home to over 21,000 residents and offers a range of civic services and government support. The Grand Island School District consists of three elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school, with a record of strong support from the community, and offers a wide range of programs, including advanced placement and college-level courses.

Waverly Central School District

The Waverly Central School District provides a quality educational program for approximately 1,775 students from kindergarten through grade 12. The Waverly District takes great pride in offering a number of unique and challenging programs at both the elementary and secondary levels.


Pery offers AI-powered ADHD services for parents, including monthly expert visits, 24/7 texting support, and personalized plans. Designed by clinical leaders in the ADHD field, Pery is pioneering a new frontier in health tech strategy and innovation with a mission to change the way parents and kids thrive with ADHD.


NOCD is an online platform that offers evidence-based treatment services for individuals living with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). While continuing to break new ground in the field of mental healthcare, NOCD is driven to fulfill their mission of restoring hope for people with OCD through better treatment and awareness.


The Stella Center provides cutting-edge care for mental health challenges and emotional trauma by pairing virtual integration therapy with in-office medical treatments across 20+ US locations. The services offered continue to be a collaborative effort between distinguished doctors, seasoned executives, care advocates and change-driven investors.


CityMD is the largest provider of urgent cares in NY and NJ and prides themselves on guaranteeing top quality care. In addition, CityMD differentiates their services by staffing each location with board-certified physicians, offering treatment for a wide range of medical concerns, and providing ultimate convenience at all locations.


Across over 170 locations throughout the US, NextCare provides quality urgent care the moment a patient needs it. NextCare prides itself on the convenience of their care, short wait times for in-person appointments, the quality of their on-staff physicians, and affordability.